Industrial Automation Technology, Inc. (IAT) has 25 years of experience as a global supplier of engineering configuration and application software for the Honeywell TDC 3000® and TPS Network distributed control systems (DCS).


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***NEW*** Transfer, PE Build and TagTrack for Windows 8/10

Transfer 9.0 release supports Compact Flash Drives and Windows 10.

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IAT's products:

TagTrack v4.8
Documentation Tool for your TDC 3000 System.
Trace point references in database, CL and displays.
Automatically build Visio loop drawings.

US Printer Option - HPI 3010
Replace your Honeywell Printer with a low-cost
laser or Dot-matrix printer.

Transfer v9.0
Moves files from Honeywell media to your PC folders
Suppports GUS Emulated disks, Zip and Flash drive.

PE Build v5.04
Modify your US Native Window displays on you PC.
Great tool for analyzing displays for migration to new platforms

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