Software and Services for Honeywell TPS and TDC 3000
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Software & Services for the Honeywell TPS & TDC 3000 distributed control systems
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LCN Printer Protocol Converter

 You choose the LCN Printer for your Honeywell TDC 3000! 

Connect an inexpensive HP-compatible laser printer or PC-compatible dot matrix to your Universal Station.

Low Cost - Take advantage of the low cost, high quality and reliability of today's best printers to enhance your Honeywell Universal Station. PPC Status - Faceplate LED's indicate Printing, Power On and Host Data Capture. The Reprint button provides another copy of the most recent screen print.
Smart Form Feed Suppression - Eliminates the blank page ejected by a laser printer between two successive display prints. Quick - Displays print in 45 secs on a HP LaserJet IV
Easy Installation - Plug in the power adapter and connect the serial cable to the Universal Station. Clarity - Print crisp, high quality B&W displays, groups, trends, reports, CL programs and more.
Printer Status at US - Peripheral status indicates if the printer is Offline, Out-of-Paper, Not Present or OK. Alarms - Continuous form dot matrix printers are recommended since sheet-fed printers (laser or inkjet) do not eject the page until full or a form feed is given.

Compatible with HP LaserJet PCL3 or greater
Compatible with narrow and wide carriage dot matrix printers which support Epson MX-80 emulation
Easy setup with 3 internal jumpers: select laser/dot matrix, wide/narrow carriage, form feed suppression and landscape modes
Optional Smart Form Feed Suppression eliminates blank page 'slew' between display prints
Status LED's and a Reprint button on faceplate
Includes a 6' RS232 serial cable, 6' USB printer cable and a 110VAC/9VDC power adapter (parallel port printer cable available)
Will not work with a Honeywell-supplied serial cable
Robust 5.5"x4.0"x1.5" case

  • Ships with 25-pin cable for US with EPDG I/O Paddleboard. If you require a 9-pin cable, specify I/O Paddleboard type: EPDGC, TPDGC or TPDG.
  • Printer using HP PCL3 (or higher) Printer Control Language or Epson MX-80 emulation.
  • Not to be used with printer designed exclusively for the Microsoft Windows operating system (i.e. the DeskJet 710 or 820). Monochrome printer recommended (no color info is in data stream).

Preview a picture of the HPI-3010 (21KB).

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