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Software & Services for the Honeywell TPS & TDC 3000 distributed control systems
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TDC 3000®

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 PC-based central DCS database for your plant

What is TagTrack?

TagTrack is a PC-based Maintenance and Documentation tool for your plant, maintaining an inventory of all your Honeywell TDC3000 software configuration site wide. TagTrack provides an easy-to-use interface to browse all configuration references of a specific point. TagTrack can also quickly build Control Loop and Logic Block diagrams.

Why do you Need it?

TagTrack saves time, effort and money on projects and plant troubleshooting activities. Improves plant safety by giving a clear view into the control database interrelationships. Aids reporting and change tracking in compliance to regulatory agencies.

Easy-to-use interface to surf your tagname references through CL programs, area database, history groups, point interconnnectivity and displays.
*New in 4.8* add-on to generate EC file for back build tasks
Open database (MS Access)
View untagged references for IO and Box variables
Management of Change: Track and selectively report on database changes, allowing effective management of configuration changes
Document references to customer databases and drawings.
Database Administrator and View Only user modes
Visual representation of Hiway/UCN Modules and I/O 'Tree' view
AMCL, PMCL and MCCL integration
Generates Logic Block and Control Loop drawings in Visio
Economical price based on site license - not "point count"

Preview a TagTrack sample screen (55KB).

  • Windows  Windows 7/8/10.
  • Microsoft Office.
  • Microsoft Visio.
  • IAT Transfer or Honeywell File Transfer.

Windows, Office, MS Access and Visio are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. TDC 3000 is a trademark of Honeywell, Inc

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