Software and Services for Honeywell TPS and TDC 3000
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Software & Services for the Honeywell TPS & TDC 3000 distributed control systems
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Move files between the
TDC 3000®
your PC !

Upgrading to Windows7/8?
You'll require v9.0

Compact Flash Drives now supported

Email IAT for details.

 Drag & Drop Your Files Between LCN and PC with Ease

PC-based file access of LCN formatted Iomega 100MB Zip disks and Compact Flash Cards. Also access files contained in GUS Emulated Volumes.

Drag & Drop LCN files and manage LCN disks from within Windows Explorer. Use the convenience of your PC with the familiar Windows appearance.

Develop applications on your PC! In addition to Picture Editor displays (DS), Transfer moves ASCII files: Control Language (CL) programs, Exception Build (EB) point database, and any other files you create.

Ease of Use - View your LCN media in Windows Explorer just like any other removeable media. Or optionally, use a separate LCN window to "drag and drop" your files to/from the PC window. Menu options include LCN formatting, directory creation/deletion, file deletion, file renaming, file detail information, volume labeling, and online help. Easy File Backup You can now use "select and drag" to copy multiple directories - it has never been easier to back up an entire LCN disk. In the Transfer classic view, Script Assistant Command Line Utilities are still provided to generate scripts for LCN backup, batch file transfers, etc.
Supports GUS Emulated Volumes - Moves files in and out of your emulated (.lcn) disks. Compatibility with TPS File Transfer - Transfer all standard TPS File Transfer file types in both directions, including binary files.
Extended Format - Access disks with normal or extended format (up to 2,046 directories). 64-bit Support - Supported in the Transfer Classic Window and 64-bit Explorer.


Double-click access to LCN directories
Windows Explorer includes LCN files and directories which you can Drag & Drop
Supports USB, and SCSI drives
Command Line Utilities for batch file transfer
Verify file integrity
Online Help available, also in printable PDF format
Filters for filetypes: ds, cl, eb, ec, ls, sl, ul, xx, etc.
100MB Zip disk & 2GB Compact Flash compatible (let us know if you need Bernoulli support)
LCN formatting with directory creation & deletion
Create and delete emulated volumes. Fix 'unmountable' emulated volumes.
LCN Releases 300 to 68x
View text files on LCN media.

  • PC with Windows XP/Vista Windows 7 (min 1GB RAM).
  • USB copy protection hardware key (dongle).
  • LCN file transfer device (i.e. Zip drive or Compact flash reader) if using removable media. Work with either the SCSI, USB, or internal IDE drive.

Preview a Transfer sample screen (45KB).

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