Software and Services for Honeywell TPS and TDC 3000
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Software & Services for the Honeywell TPS & TDC 3000 distributed control systems
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PE Build

Save time
TDC 3000®

Review PE BUILD version 5.0 new features

 Use Your PC (No Universal Station Required) 

PE Build stands for "Picture Editor Builder". It's a US and GUS Native Window display editor on you PC. No Universal Station required. Maintain displays without interrupting operators for US access.

Use the convenience of your PC with the familiar Windows appearance. No need to memorize Picture Editor commands. You can easily build dynamic displays that are ready to compile.

Save up to 35% in display development time on LCN R300 to R68x displays.

Be Productive - Cut, Copy & Paste to/from Windows-based word processors, spreadsheets & databases. Be Organized - Update your Subpicture library by recovering the latest version of a particular Subpic. Extract “lost” Subpicture source (DS) files from existing main displays.
Avoid Rework - Layout displays in AutoCAD, obtain client approval, then import the DXF files directly.
Online Actors Manual - The F1 key provides Context Sensitive Help with Appendix F of the Picture Editor manual (keep the bulky book up on your shelf). Save Labor Costs - Operators and Instrument Techs can layout static displays in any DXF-capable drawing package. Engineers can add the object dynamics later.

Create new or modify existing DS files
Double-click edit - Values, Conditions, Variants, Targets & Subpictures
Advanced Make & Unmake Subpictures and batch replace command facility
Graphic Fonts
CAD-like Snap to Grid
Rotate, Mirror, Cut, Copy, Paste, Zoom & Pan
Drag Polylines, Boxes, Circles, Arcs & Ellipses
Variable Line Thickness
Object selection filters
Icon Toolbars for simple selection & toggling
Open multiple displays
Windows printer support

  • PC with Windows 7/8.
  • USB port for copy protection hardware key (dongle).
  • LCN file transfer device and software such as IAT Transfer.
  • Bernoulli drives no longer supported - but if you need them read we can help!

Preview a PE BUILD sample screen (37KB).

Please contact IAT for the latest information.

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