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Software & Services for the Honeywell TPS & TDC 3000 distributed control systems
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 DFX File Import/Export in PE Build for Windows 
   Interested in moving existing P&ID's and Process Flow Diagrams onto the Universal Station or GUS Native Window? Follow these directions in addition to those in your PE Build manual appendix. Contact IAT for more info, if required.

Most CAD systems and desktop publishing programs have the ability to read & write AutoDesk's AutoCAD 'DXF' vector-based files. There are DXF Import & Export utilities built into PE Build (PEB). AutoDesk's 2D product "AutoSketch for Windows" is inexpensive and works well. You can use AutoCAD or any other software package that "speaks" DXF. Bear in mind that not all software handles DXF properly. Freelance and Hijaak both have DXF problems.


Set up your AutoCAD limits to an aspect ratio compatible with the TDC 3000 US. This means a ratio of 640 x 480. Always bear in mind is that it eventually has to go on a US. PEB will import the file and fit the largest dimension (x or y) accordingly, and fit the smaller dimension at the same scale, without changes (keeping the aspect ratio intact).

Some customers have tried to take entire P&ID's with lots of legend and equipment information. Firstly, this info is of little use to the operator. Secondly, it makes a huge file that simply won't compile on a US - so it's likely not even worth trying!

Your text will get interpreted a TDC large text if it is close to the proper size. Try to use a font that is sized to give 80 characters across the screen. Be aware that PEBW has a limit of 60 text characters for any text string. Export your AutoCAD DWG to DXF format.

Your colors and line/solid coordinates will import very well. Remember not to use too many colors, the TDC has 16 only.


Delete all targets, variants and conditions from the display before exporting. This makes sense since the DXF file is AutoCAD compatible. AutoCAD has nothing comparable to targets, variants or conditions.

Lines, solids and text export well. Values are converted to RRRRRRR, TTTTTTT, etc… You'll find it a useful utility. That's about all you need to get started.

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