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Software & Services for the Honeywell TPS & TDC 3000 distributed control systems
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 Dongle Errors? 
   Problems having any Sandiford Window-based software "see" the parallel port hardware key? It doesn't happen often, but follow these directions in addition to those in your manual. Contact IAT for more info, if required.

  1. Ensure you have Administrator privileges in Windows NT. The dongle polling code needs to right to the Windows System32 directories - check for the presence of the dongle support file:

      <Windows NT directory>\system32\drivers\softlok.sys.

    There have been cases of users being told that they have Admin rights, but it turns out they didn't have full rights. In some cases, your network administrator may have to sign on as 'Administrator' to install properly.

  2. Most PC's have 'female' 25-pin parallel ports, whereas serial ports are 25-pin or 9-pin 'male'. Please ensure the dongle's 'male' end is connected to the parallel port. You may find that removing the 2 side screws on the dongle will help the dongle fit better.

  3. PC's with external SCSI connections are also (usually) 'female' 25-pin ports. They are easily confused with parallel ports and have been known to damage ('fry') the dongle. Could this have happened on your NT machine? Many Compaq PC's have built in SCSI connectors that are easily confused with parallel ports.

  4. Does your PC have any bootup configuration that reroutes LPT output to an ethernet card address for network printing? If so, the dongle polling routine will never reach the physical parallel port.

  5. Have you tried the various parallel port configuration options in your CMOS? At bootup, access your PC's setup, via a special keystroke (i.e. Ins, Del, F1, F2, etc...). Try various configurations of Standard, Bi-directional, EPP or ECP.

  6. Does your PC have 2 parallel ports? If so, make sure the dongle is on LPT1, then try LPT2. The dongle polling routine checks for LPT1 first, then other ports.

  7. If a printer or other device is attached to the parallel port which the dongle uses, ensure that it is turned on.

  8. Installation needs to update some system files with newer versions. If these files are in use by another application then it will not be possible to update them and the installation will not be performed correctly. At bootup, hold down the 'Shift' key continuously. This ensures that programs in your Start Menu folder will not load. Try 'setup.exe' when fully booted.

  9. After installation in Windows NT, make icons available to all users. To make program icons available to all users (and not just the user with administrative privileges who installed the program) follow these instructions ([Administrative privileges are typically required!): Right-click "Start" and select "Explore". Double-click "Programs" in the files pane. Right-click the program group which contains DS Map (typically "Ide3000") in the files pane and select "Cut". In the directory pane expand and then right-click on sub-directory "Profiles\All Users\Start Menu\Programs" (under the Windows NT directory). Select "Paste".

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Last modified: November 03, 2004
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